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Women have the ability to grow their wealth and pass it on to their children and/or other members of their family. investHER Academy graduates will not only build their family's generational wealth, but also change the world economy for the better.

stage 1

Your at-home assignments commence. Each month several topics, such as "reviewing a due diligence report, what to look for in a CEO, etc." will be covered. To test your knowledge you can choose to take online exams after each segment, but it's not required. You will also be assigned several books and articles throughout the course and be part of the investHER book club. 

stage 2

 We believe a well balanced weekend of   work and play will help you better retain the lessons you have learned up to this point. Besides, all work and no play is just boring.  We want you to build strong connections with your new network of fellow angel investors and advisers. Now that you have a better foundation, you can ask better questions to become a more sophisticated angel.

stage 3

Continued online learning, and more in-depth Zoom calls with conversations on prospective startup investments. Attending in-city meetings with your peers,   joining one or more an angel groups, and sharing findings on potential investments.

 Not sure if being an angel investor is right for you, right now? Feel like you need to learn more about personal finance first... Click here to take our
Personal Finance in a Box course.

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