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Do you ever ask yourself?

Why am I struggling to get my business funded? I don't know what the problem is. Is it...

  • My slide deck?

  • My pitch style?

  • My deal terms?

  • My business?

Become a successful ENTREPRENEUR — and raise the funding your startup needs — by learning how investors think.

How we can help:

Over the past decade Robert and I have reviewed, edited and/or improved thousands of entrepreneurs' slide decks or pitches. We understand what a daunting task it is to provide a cogent presentation and we want to help you achieve your success faster.


Think of your slide deck & pitch like your resume and cover letter, things you spend months or years perfecting. You only get one chance to engage your target audience: if your cover letter & resume are not compelling enough, you won't be invited to an interview. This same principle applies to your deck & pitch; serious investors, like us, really do care. 


Don't lose out on funding opportunities because of your mediocre slide deck. Let us help you make it excellent, and who knows, we may end up liking your business so much that we introduce you to your next major investors.

                                                                                                                   -- Angel

Consulting fees start at $375. Service includes a review of your slide deck +
a Zoom session for feedback & recommendations.

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