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Angel Padulo     

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Founder, Chief Operations Officer & Angel Investor

After years of planning & managing the Mid-Atlantic Angel Venture Fair (an expo for entrepreneurs to raise capital from VCs and angel investors), Angel grew frustrated with the scarcity of women investors in the room. She was determined to help change this for the benefit of female entrepreneurs, and for women as investors. 


Angel especially wants to see more minority women investing in their futures, and in their children’s. As a mother, her goal is to grow her wealth for future generations to come, and to alter & raise the trajectory of the next generation of all girls and boys.

Robert Padulo, Ph.D.   

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Co-Founder, Lead Instructor & Professional Angel Investor

A father of 2 girls, Robert is a gifted teacher with the ideal background to lead our programs. At age 20 he taught ESL to women secretaries in Japan; while at Harvard he both tutored high school students and taught 6th graders through CityStep; after graduating he was a 6th grade math & 8th grade science teacher, high school coach & community service club supervisor.

Robert has been an entrepreneur much of his life and in recent years a full-time angel investor. His pay-it-forward mentality has led to his coaching, advising and consulting to over 100 startup CEOs. As an investor in some of these companies, he certainly wants to ensure his investments will earn a great return! An active member of several leading angel groups and angel venture funds, he is a strong due diligence leader and a sought-out expert in the areas of startups’ boards and exits.

Learn more about Angel & Robert on LinkedIn.

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