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Your road to financial freedom starts here with investHER Academy's
"Personal Finance in a Box"™

Working Mom

Do YOU want to...

Gain essential knowledge, skills and mindsets:

  • Avoid debt traps.

  • Follow your own budget.

  • Set financial goals.

  • Save & invest to meet them. Financial success is a journey. What are you waiting for?

Become a successful INVESTOR — by learning about all types of investing, supporting entrepreneurs (especially females), and building your family’s wealth for generations to come?

Invest in Yourself 

Finance Box  

Price: $35 per month

  • An asynchronous online course- Financial Literacy 101: A new video module will be released every other week. Watch it whenever you want.

  • Re-watch or review materials for up to one year.

  • Active learning exercises reinforce and apply the learning.

  • Monthly live group Q & A sessions with course instructors are hosted on Sundays.

  • Budget Planner: Tools and templates to help track expenses and plan budgets.

Premium Finance Box Price: $37 per month

  • Everything from Basic Finance Box +

  • Full Access to the Online Course - Financial Literacy 101: Immediate access to all course materials and video lessons.

  • Exclusive Webinar Series: Access to additional webinars including guest speakers from the finance industry.

  • Monthly Newsletter: Updates on financial markets, tips on investing, and success stories to motivate subscribers.

Mom Wins Finance Box Price: $39 per month

  • Everything from Premium Finance Box +

  • Additional Course Access for 1 Family Member/child. You and your child can learn together; take quizzes together and complete the active learning activities, together! Think of us as your partner in teaching your child all about personal finance.

  • Personalized recommendations to Educational Games for Kids: Fun and interactive games that teach children about earning, saving, and spending.

Still asking yourself,

"What will this subscription do for me?"

As a consumer & investor:  You will think differently about how and where to save & invest your money, for the long run.

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