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    how to grow

    their wealth wisely 

    Women generally save about 30% less than men by the time they are ready for retirement​ 

    Don't you think it's time we raise this number?


    Women don't need to be financial experts to
    grow their personal finances. 

    Women have been socialized to believe that they are not good at investment decisions. 

    Research finds otherwise.

    Expert angel investor

    Personal Finance in a Box

    Why is managing money so hard? As a society we are inundated hourly with information, including ads on social media, the internet, TV, radio, publications and elsewhere, which has led to a saturation of choices --mainly bad ones. So how do we choose when there are so many options? We either choose poorly or we end up doing nothing. And doing nothing is one of the worst choices we can make when it comes to our personal finance. 

    investHER Academy's mission is to help you make the right personal finance decisions without a lot of effort. Our "Personal Finance in a Box" Membership is your partner in achieving financial freedom - your step-by-step guide. We have curated a wise option that works for you.

    Let's get started!

     women learning to angel invest

    Women INVEST in other Women

    Women have the networks and expertise to impact startups - early stage private companies. Yes, the growth of the female entrepreneur is on the rise, but without representation on both sides of the table — entrepreneurs and investors — we won't see real change. When women are stronger financially, so is the economy and society.


    We have designed a course that will help you become an expert angel investor over time, giving you the knowledge to make the best startup investments and lasting connections with your fellow investHERs.

    This program is currently being updated.

    To be notified when it's ready, click here.

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    A woman earning $85k a year starting at the age of 30 will have about $320,000 less (due to the gender pay gap) than her male counterpart when she retires at age 67. Not only could her money last 6 years less than his, she’s also likely to live 3 to 5 years longer.

                                               Why Angel Investing?

    1. Build a legacy of which you can be proud.


    2. Make money: Angel investing has historically returned at significantly

        higher rates (28-32% per year) than public stock market indices (8- 10%). 

    3. Make a difference: Investing in startups that eventually employ dozens or              hundreds of people, angel investors can change the economic future of a                region.

    According to a Willis Tower Watson survey, 60% of men ranked saving for retirement as their top financial priority compared to 44% of women.

                       Why Personal Finance?
    Make money: Watch your money grow through the power of 

        compound interest and learn where to grow your money.

    2. Invest in yourself: Take control of your future to ensure your                    financial freedom. 

    3. Build a legacy to pass down to your children.

    What investors say...

    Author, Speaker, Startup Funding Expert & Angel Investor

    judy robinett, author and angel investor

    “This [angel investing] is one of the most powerful things you can do with your money. 

    Women globally have little-to-no access to capital. Growing companies is growing jobs, increasing net worth, changing the calculus of not having equal pay. You don’t need an MBA. Jump in.”

    CoFounder/Managing Director: VectorPoint Impact Partners, Angel Investor, Board member & Advisor

    Jolene Anderson

    “Part of owning our power as women is to take responsibility for our financial investments. We can use money as a tool for creating a healthy future for the planet and empower our own financial well-being.”

    Executive Director of Private Investors Forum, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

    Marc Kramer

    “According to Forbes, women only receive 14% of investment capital, yet there are so many professionally successful women that can change that equation once they learn how the startup investment game is played.  Angel and Robert Padulo are entrepreneurs and angel investors that have successfully played the game.  They have developed a platform to teach smart successful women how to enhance their personal portfolios while helping women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams."

     “Research indicates women are better investors in the long run, so we need to reinforce that.”

    Lorna Kapusta, Vice president of women investors at Fidelity

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