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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor (a.k.a. private investor, seed or early-stage investor) is a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for startups or entrepreneurs. Frequently, early angel investors in a startup are initially found among an entrepreneur's family & friends; often, later angels are found outside the entrepreneur’s close circle. The funds that angels provide may be a one-time investment at a particular stage – e.g., to help the business get off the ground, to reach an important milestone, or to accelerate growth – or an ongoing injection to support and carry the company throughout its development lifecycle. ​


What is an Accredited Investor?

An “accredited investor” is defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a person with a net worth of $1M in assets or more (excluding one’s primary residence); or having earned at least $200K – or a combined income of at least $300K for married couples – in income for the previous 2 years + a reasonable expectation of earning that again this year. (The SEC imposes this requirement to protect people, such that if their investment goes south the investors can live with it financially.) Just because a person is an accredited investor does not mean s/he makes angel investments; it only means s/he is allowed to, by law.


Can anyone be an Angel Investor?

Anyone can be an angel investor provided she or he qualifies as an “accredited investor.” Angel investing is especially well suited for current or former entrepreneurs, executives & senior managers in business or finance, as well as those with expertise in technology, science or medicine. Why? Because people with such backgrounds generally already understand a lot about the issues and types of prospective businesses in which they might consider investing; building on that foundation, they now only need to add expertise in angel investing in startups.


What is investHER Academy?

A comprehensive, 3 ½ month educational & support program for female accredited investors to become successful, active angel investors – that is, an educational accelerator that helps women learn & follow best practices, gain confidence & feel comfortable, and enjoy becoming active & successful in the startup world as angel investors, mentors, advisors and Board members. The goal is to diversify their portfolios & earn outsize returns (and even outperform their male counterparts) … and, at the same time, improve the entire business ecosystem, especially helping female entrepreneurs.

I have already made angel investments but want to get a lot better at this – is investHER Academy for me too?

Yes! While the entire curriculum presupposes, and is designed for those with, no prior experience or angel investing expertise, by graduation the program will provide each woman the knowledge, practical experience, connections & personal/professional network, tools, and ongoing support to succeed in the angel/startup world.​


How much does the course cost?

Normally the fee is $7,500, which includes an in-person weekend summit, however due to the global pandemic we do not currently have any weekend summits scheduled and all course work is virtual. Our current course fee is $5,750. We will continue to monitor and adjust our program accordingly, as our priority is the safety & comfort of our clients and staff. 


Am I required to make any angel investments?

No. We disagree with the approach of other organizations that require you to make an investment of at least $10,000 after completing their workshop, or require you to become a paid member of their (not inexpensive) angel group. We believe it should always be up to you to decide if being a member of specific angel groups and making particular angel investments is the right decision for you, based on a whole host of factors, at that point in time. Our job is to give you the knowledge, tools and ongoing support, so that you will be well equipped to make your own best decisions.


How often is the course offered?

Currently, twice a year. Upon submitting your application you will select your preferred start date, on a first come, first served basis. 


How do I enroll?

All candidates must fill out the online application. Assuming you meet the “accredited investor” criteria, a team member will contact you to discuss any additional details.

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