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Your road to financial freedom starts here with investHER Academy's
"Personal Finance in a Box"™

Working Mom

Do YOU want to...

  • Spend your money guilt free?

  • Avoid debt traps?

  • Pay yourself first?

  • Grow your money and keep it secure?  

  • Teach your kids how to be money savvy and have financial security?                      

  • Build your family’s wealth for generations to come without needing to be an expert?

  • Utilize systems for tracking and budgeting so you can gain complete control over your money?

  • Connect with like-minded people and be part of a community that empowers women? 

Invest in Yourself 

  • An asynchronous online course through Startup Smart Kids - Financial Literacy 101. Designed for kids and adults to learn all about money. 

  • Additional course access for 1 family member/child. You and your child can learn together; take quizzes together, watch videos together and complete the active learning activities, together! Think of us as your partner in teaching your child all about personal finance. If you don't have kids or don't want to take the course with your kid, that works too.

  • A new video module will be released once a month. Watch it whenever you want. Re-watch or review materials.

  • Monthly live group Q & A sessions with course instructors.

  • Budget Planner: Tools and templates to automate your expenses and plan budgets.

  • Money book club; Read our suggested books on topics like growth mindset and how to get rich and join the monthly book club zoom meeting discussions. 

  • Exclusive Webinar Series: Attend guest speaker webinars with female & male leaders in finance & startup industry.

  • Monthly Newsletter: Updates on financial markets, tips on investing, and success stories to keep you motivated.

  • Personalized recommendations to educational games for kids: Fun and interactive games that teach children about earning, saving, and spending.

My Personal Finance in a Box Membership  
Price: $39 per month
or 1 time annual fee of $399 (a 15% savings)

To truly learn how to manage your money is a marathon, not a sprint. However, we understand life's challenges, so you may cancel your membership at any anytime.

Still asking yourself,

"What will this membership do for me?"

 You will think differently about how and where to save & invest your money, for the long run.

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